5 Poker Players Who Said Goodbye to Their Careers in 2018

Poker Players

The poker gaming industry is as busy as ever, with many new names popping all over the place. Still, many poker pros favorites decided they’ve reached the end of their professional gambling careers and are retiring for personal reasons. Keep on reading to find out who they are.

1. Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst

This New York native is the only female poker player that ever reached the number one spot at the Global Poker Index. With over $12 million in earnings during her entire career, Selbst decided to conclude her poker playing journey at its peak. And why is that?

Many wagered in on what contributed to her prompt decision, but Selbst explained it was a long time coming. The Yale political science graduate said that there is not one simple reason for her quitting, but rather the combination of factors. For instance, wanting to unwind and focus on other things. Selbst welcomed a daughter with her partner last fall, so we can assume that is one of the biggest reasons.

2. James Obst

This Australian poker pro decided to quit while he was ahead for one big reason — his longtime wish of becoming a tennis pro! Yes, you read that right. In July of 2018, Obst explained his reasons for quitting in a lengthy post on Twitter for all his fans. He claims he will still miss his professional poker days, but it is time to move on to greater (and greener) fields, such as a tennis court.

Though he won his WSOP bracelet not so long ago, in 2017, Obst says he feels as fulfilled as ever with his poker playing career. He first encountered the beloved card game way back when he was 14, and he was also briefly a coach for the online poker site “Run it Once”. His decision to trade Las Vegas for Wimbledon came as a surprise, but the gambling community still wishes him luck on his new journey!

3. Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

This two time World Series Of Poker winner has decided to call his 50-year long poker career quits last year. Though this did not come as a surprise to his fans, many were still reeling after his proclamation, hoping it would be just another false alarm. However, Brunson explained that his frequent travels took a toll on his family life, especially the relationship with his wife, who is not in good health. Brunson says that being next to her at every moment is his top priority — which is why he will be retiring from the poker world full time.

4. Doug Polk

This young poker pro decided to call it quits and move to bigger things such as the world of cryptocurrencies last year.


Though he is only 30, he has three WSOP bracelets up his sleeve, and a short-lived but quite eventful poker playing career.

The California native is hosting his highly visited Youtube channel, but regularly receives invites from other pros to get back to playing poker tournaments at least one more time. Whether just to settle the old disputes, or for old time sakes, he still hasn’t budged, but who knows what the future will bring?

5. Cullen “Cumicon” Connors

The ultimate poker pro who hid behind the nickname “Cumicon” stirred quite the controversy over the years, mainly for the display of a graph of his nearly perfect winnings, that brought him no less than $7 million dollars. Do not get fooled, this was all 100% legit, so much so that it made the internet go crazy. Eventually, his identity was revealed, and he claimed he does not like the spotlight at all. This is all completely understandable, and enough of a reason to go into hiding in the first place.

In the end, he said he will be pulling out from the game altogether, and what was the reason for that? Well, he just doesn’t like poker that much. Go figure.

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