Party Poker Increases Its Air Presence With NLG Deal


Party Poker decided to put more emphasis on their live presence and became one of the leading sponsors of Twitch. They’ve later announced that they’ve signed a 12-month deal with No Limit Gaming in order to gain more live streaming time during 2019.

No Limit Gaming Joins Forces with Party Poker to Boost Twitch Presence

Before we dig dip into this fascinating subject, let’s go back for a little bit to see where it all started. During 2018, people behind Party Poker pitched the idea of combining poker and e-sports in one incredible venture. There were plenty of ideas about what could go wrong, what their commonly shared benefits were, and what both parties could gain from this deal. But things that professional poker players have in common are strength in analytics and strategy, mental preparation, and motivation, which will surely come in handy in this sort of situation. After the collaboration with Party Poker, people behind NLG and Twitch were ecstatic since they couldn’t think of a better sponsor for this endeavor. Now, let’s see what the idea behind this was.

The Idea Behind This Venture

As we all probably know by now, No Limit Gaming is a team of 15 excellent poker players who’ve decided to start an entirely new project that is a novelty in this industry. The famous high-rollers such as Fedor Holz, Rainer Kempe, and Niall Farrell are just a few of the successful names that are a part of the No Limit Gaming and who have participated in this new project. However, Stefan Schillhabel is clearly on the top. He initiated this and came up with the basic idea that pushed this project.

The idea Schilhabel initially had was based on the fact that all poker players are founders of these companies and have the same level of experience that could generate money, which could help with the development of the e-sports section. This way, players would be relieved from any pressure of potential sponsors who are only interested in quick and short-term success. Also, the rest of the players will not be forced to show immediate success under that sort of pressure, which is another advantage.

To make this matter even more professional and inspiring, NLG had another suggestion — to create a professional and inspiring environment for all teams involved. This idea resulted in purchasing a 150m2-house in Vienna, where teams will have an opportunity to effectively train, work, and stream in peace. Moreover, they will get a professional performance coach, two analysts, and one sports psychologist. The conditions provided by their company couldn’t get any better.

poker gameNo Limit Gaming aims for this team to grow and improve continuously. It is well-known that a professional poker player needs time and patience to develop personal strategies and improve their current gameplay. This was usually neglected by hiring ‘outside’ sponsors who were not prepared to take time and invest some long-term thinking for the benefit of the players. This is what NLG wants to change and move from a hectic environment to provide its players with time and financial independence they need.

Together in Spirit

As you can see, poker and e-sports have quite a few similarities — they strive to be successful and to make an income by doing one thing they love. Ever since poker started being a part of the online industry, the platforms where it was watched on were as easily accessible as the ones for e-sports. The bottom line is that the two teams are considered to be a band of brothers and sisters in the spirit that strive to improve their results and the industry itself.

What Should We Expect?

No Limit Gaming has proven to have been successful in many endeavors similar to this one, including the most recent — the collaboration between e-sports and CS:GO. This is why the audience is expecting that the High Rollers team streams from the NLG house during April as part of a KO Series on Party Poker.

The goal NLG has for the future is to expand their influence on Twitch, along with the entire poker squad in the next couple of months. Besides, their focus will be pointed at improving the current concept and building a safe environment where these founders can develop an entirely new hybrid venture.

The bottom line is that the devoted audience is saluting this move and hoping that ideas similar to this one can give poker and e-sports a hint that two business can and will cooperate to accomplish more.

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