Phil Hellmuth Net Worth

Phil Hellmuth

If you are an average poker fan, there’s no chance in hell you haven’t already heard about Phil Jerome Hellmuth jr. We are talking about the wildly successful poker shark who has won 14 WSOP bracelets in his 30-year-long poker career. However, some people think his history of making outrageous scenes at the poker table has cast a shadow on his amazing success at the game.

A Short Recap of Hellmuth’s Poker Career

His love for poker started growing while he was still at the University where he was first introduced to the game. Soon, he became a passionate player, and his bankroll began piling up pretty fast. As soon as he figured that his bankroll could support playing poker at Las Vegas, he decided to make his first gambling trip there. However, the entire adventure ended as a cautionary tale because it didn’t take long for him to bust at the Vegas poker tables. Hence, he learned the hard way that playing with poker sharks is a whole different ball game.

Then, in 1989, the tables turned, and Hellmuth became the proud owner of his first WSOP bracelet. He was only 24 then. This event was only the beginning of his successful and lucrative poker playing career. Up to this moment Phil, Hellmuth has won 14 WSOP bracelets, which brought him over $14 million in winnings. He also holds a record in the number of the final tables he managed to get to in this reputable competition.

Twenty of these final tables were not Texas Hold’em games. Even though he dominates Texas Hold’em, he also displayed some poker playing variety by reaching the final rounds in the Seven Card Stud and pot limit Omaha, as well as in 2–7 Lowball.

Nevertheless, his first big win at the World Series of Poker main event has paved his way towards becoming one of the richest poker players in the world.

While the money was piling up, Hellmuth was breaking various records. For example, he was the second to win three WSOP bracelets at a single event. He also managed to win both the WSOPE and WSOP main events first.

For all these reasons he became a member of the Poker Hall of Fame, home of the

most successful professional poker players in the world.

It was this huge success at the game he loves that boosted up his already huge ego and contributed to his attitude of an “arrogant bastard,” as numerous opponents call him.

Horrible Attitude at Poker Tables

Phil Hellmuth Net Worth

Before we focus on loads of cash poker wins had brought him, as well as other Phil Hellmuth’s highly profitable undertakings, let’s say a thing or two about what he did to deserve his nickname the “Poker Brat.”

If you dedicate some time to finding out how Hellmuth treats other players during a game, go to YouTube and find a vast number of clips that show Phil Hellmuth at his worst.

He is a sore loser that constantly whines about everything when the game doesn’t go as he expects. He usually picks an opponent who got him out of the game and storms at him with a bunch of crazy, rude remarks. Also, he hates when players outplay hin by bluffing, as Tom Dwan did.

Moreover, he was punished by missing a round at a high-stakes table once for insulting another player. He said the word idiot five times. That’s how furious he was for losing. It would be an understatement to say that he is not loved among other poker players. There has been a ridiculous bet going on in these circles on who was going to win more WSOP bracelets, Hellmuth or Daniel Negreanu. Doyle Brunson offered to place a $100,000 to back up Negreanu. At the same time, Polk was always on Phil Hellmuth’s side. It seems that this crazy bet might turn into a clash of Titans of the poker world.

Phil Hellmuth’s Got the Nose for Business

It seems that Hellmuth has admirable business skills beside poker playing ones. His net worth is estimated at over 23 million dollars so far. His poker winnings got the ball rolling, but Hellmuth has a keen sense of business too, so he picked the most promising industries to invest in that will continue to bring him profit for a long time.

Furthermore, Phil Hellmuth decided to use his notorious nickname and turn it into a brand. So apart from the publishing house he runs, he also has a clothing line called the “Poker Brat.” Phil Hellmuth is not only a publisher, but he is also an author himself — he has written three books so far, and one of them is his autobiography. Guess the title — “Poker Brat,” of course.

Another evidence that he really has a nose for business is that he started making his way into the digital technology market as well. He got his hands into the development of the UltimateBet software. He also recognized the potential of the mobile gambling industry, so he teamed up with Oasys Mobile and created Texas Hold’em by Phil Hellmuth mobile app.

Additionally, one of his latest business ventures in the online gaming market is participation in making the “Shake It Up” dice poker game for Facebook Instant Games. This game was launched this January, and it already has half a million players. Unsurprisingly, Phil Hellmuth didn’t miss the opportunity to brag about this on Twitter.

All in all, you can love Phil Hellmuth or hate him — he doesn’t give a damn. Instead, he continues to do his thing and live up to his reputation of the Poker Brat.

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