Phil Hellmuth’s Twitter New Years’ Resolutions

Phil Hellmuth’s Twitter

When it comes to relentless self-promoting skills, no one does it better than Phil Hellmuth. The Wisconsin-born, 15 time World Series Poker champion has taken to Twitter to share his 2019 bucket list. Of course, Hellmuth was true to his nature, and many perceived it to be too straightforward. Though he acquired 136 wins in total during his long career as a poker pro—not to mention a $23 net worth—he still proved his Twitter followers that he keeps it low and modest, or at least tries to, judging by the list displayed on the mirror.

Shoot For the Stars

In a photo which he posted you can see his goals, written in an erasable marker—as he emphasizes—to prove his respect towards the Commerce Casino hotel. No surprises there as it will be his home for the upcoming L.A. Poker Classic tournament. And what is the very first one, you might ask? Well, he claims he will attempt to win no less than 3 additional WSOP titles during the span of one year, but will he succeed?

Though many poker pros have been able to acquire two bracelets in a year—either at WSOP or similar events, such as the World Series of Poker Asia/Pacific or the World Series of Poker Europe—winning three times in a year is still a stretch. What’s more, this is a record not many players were able to accomplish during the entire history of casino gambling. Just recently—back in 2014—another poker champion, George Danzer, won not one, but two Vegas tournaments. Additionally, he went on to win one more — the mixed gaming event in Melbourne, in the finale of Asia/Pacific World Series.

However, Hellmuth is far from a perfect streak. Namely, during his 17-year long career, he only cashed in 16 wins. That might not sound like it makes a great difference, but it sure stands out when you see his mirror of good wishes for the upcoming year. Also, among those 16 hits, he only touched down at the final table 5 times, during the 2017 WTP Legends of Poker. In the end, he made runner-up in the clash of the slots to the winner Art Papazyan.

Still, Hellmuth’s path is far from negligible. During his over 20-year-long career, he made quite a stir and earned some admirable wins. He won his first WSOP bracelet in 1989 when he was only 24, becoming the world’s youngest player to have done so. Today, Phil Hellmuth’s net worth is little less than $23 million which acquired from his cash winnings, book deals, and other endeavors, he holds the 8th spot on the “All Time Money” list.

Poker game

Book (Or) deals

When it comes to making top-selling book deals, this poker brat has to put in quite an effort if he wants to make it to the best-seller list in the year ahead, as his bucket list would suggest.

Though his autobiography, appropriately named “Poker Brat” was initially well-acknowledged, his self-help book still has a long way to go. According to the current sales info, “Positivity” came at only #13.856 place in the self-help genre.

Further, Hellmuth also lists his goal to write “Positivity 2”, which tells us his book writing endeavors are far from over, and that he has yet to show his best work yet.

So Far So Good

Judging by his moves since the beginning of the year, Hellmuth is definitely making quite an effort to improve his poker career and remind everyone he should not be taken for granted. With plenty of moves clearly up his sleeve, he even won a $1500 Heads Up tournament, by defeating the great Joseph Cappello, during the Borgata Winter Poker Open. Not only that, but he kept going and entered the World Poker Tour Main Event, proving he is a force to be reckoned with.

However, though the fans are raving about a pretty big start for this poker legend, Hellmuth still does not seem pleased. Though he earned a pretty sweet $648,190 last year, he still fell short in comparison to three years prior, with over a million dollars in earnings each. Not to mention his starting out years, as well as the last couple of years. For instance, he earned only $300.000 back in 2014; as well as $177.000 in 2009; and only $96.000 way back in 2004.

To conclude, Hellmuth’s New Year’s resolutions might seem overly ambitious to some, not to mention unimaginable for such a short period of time. But even if all else fails, one thing is for sure — this poker brat has yet to show us his best! And maybe this year will be his biggest yet, so stick around to find out if that will turn out to be true.

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