Poker Winner — Charity Giver

Poker Charity Giver

Most gamblers play poker for their own sake, but this is not the case with the 67-year-old Scott Wellenbach. He placed 3rd in the Main Event of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament in the Bahamas. Wellenbach ended up winning $671,240 and gave it all away. Find out more…

Wellenbach — the Most Generous Gambler

Of Jewish origin, quaker educated, Buddhist, born in Philadelphia, living in Nova Scotia, Scott Wellenbach works as a translator of the buddha-dharma from Sanskrit and Tibetan and is one of the leaders of the Nitartha Institute. Wellenbach enjoyed participating in poker tournaments in his free time and was very successful at that. Other than that, he is known as “The People’s Hero.”

Why Did Wellenbach Give It All Away?

As he explained in his interview with “For The Win,” he had moral issues with taking money off opponents and enjoying the game of poker. On the other hand, he is thankful for the cozy life he had been given. He even told the journalist that he had no need for almost $800,000 that he had won in major tournaments.

To Whom Does Wellenbach Donate All the Winnings?

Wellenbach is a philanthropist with no limits. Charity goes to various Buddhist causes — to Doctors Without Boundaries, Oxfam, Red Cross, Amnesty International, etc. For example, he won $72,000 in Barcelona in 2017. That prize went to a Buddhist nunnery in Kathmandu in Nepal. However, he doesn’t know in advance to whom he will donate the winnings. He doesn’t plan it. He simply decides afterward.

But Wellenbach Is Not the Only One

Barry Greenstein, also known as “The Robin Hood of Poker,” an American professional poker player and three times the World Series of Poker winner, was born in 1954. After winning an astronomical amount of $8,250,000 at The World Series of Poker, he stipulated in his will that 10% of his wealth be donated to charities that engage in helping sick children.

In this way, poker players are making the world a better place.

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