Top Ten Richest Poker Players

Richest Poker Players

Just who happens to be the wealthiest poker-playing bunch in the world? These professional poker players do what they like in life, winning WSOP bracelets, making their names a living legends in the gambling community. Click to find out more!

The Magnificent Ten

Poker is one of the most beloved combinations of the game of chance and strategy. A single poker round can change your life in so many ways and make you a wealthy individual. However, all things come with a certain cost, and poker is no exception. Not everyone can be a bright poker master star. In fact, there are only a handful of individuals in the world who managed to transfer their love for the game into a profession that provides a luxury life for them.

We both admire and envy these individuals, studying their tactics, moves, and poker faces. You see, in order to be the ultimate poker player, you need a couple of things. First of all, a gift from mother nature to be sharp and quick to react, but still control your emotions and, of course, the infamous tilt. Then, you need to develop all kind of strategies, plan A, plan B, plan C… You need to have the ability to bluff and make the perfect poker face, but still be able to read through the opponent’s bluff.

We are delivering a list of those sheer poker professionals who do know how to become creme de la creme.


10. Joe Hachem: Net Worth $12 Million

Once one of the most successful chiropractors in the country, Joe Hachem found his talents are in better use in poker. Plus, as a poker player, Joe earned far more money than he ever could if he remained a chiropractor. As an addition, there were some contributing factors which made Hachem quit the practice he had up to that point. Once he enrolled in poker tournaments, he won many of them over the last decade. These achievements include World Series of Poker $7.5 million winnings. Nowadays, his total is $12 million net.

9. Jamie Gold: Net Worth $13 Million

Jamie definitely justifies his last name. He is a golden poker player who knows how to cash in his talents and skills. Gold is one of the most balanced poker players out there. At times, he can be very aggressive in his actions at the table. Nevertheless, the ability to shift from aggressive to calm and conservative attitude with apparently no effort at all is a thing worthy of our admiration. Remember how we mentioned you need to keep your feelings under control in order to be a good poker player? Well, Jamie Gold here knows exactly how to do so. Regardless if Jamie uses his aggressive or calm approach, the aura of confidence which surrounds him is significant. He is the proud owner of a few world titles in his collection and earned $13 million out of them.

8. John Juanda: Net Worth $13.2 Million

John-Juanda pokerThis pokerstar works his magic in Indonesia primarily, since he was born there, but this didn’t stop him from winning many worldwide tournaments. Juanda has many areas of interest, including athletics and business, but poker has been his number one passion. Just like Jamie Gold, Juanda has a rare ability to suppress his feelings at the poker table. No matter if the cards are in his favor or he’s losing big time, he keeps his composure calm and smooth. So far, he owns three world titles and is worth $13.2 million.

7.Michael Mizrachi: Net Worth $14 Million

Just like our last two players from above have excellent abilities to control their emotions and reactions, Michael Mizrachi is a complete opposite of that. He gets so emotional and intense that he even got the ‘Grinder’ nickname. Nevertheless, Grinder is one of the most persistent players of the game. In a nutshell, even though he didn’t win as many tournaments like our other top ten players, he doesn’t give up. Michael is always in the hunt for the pot and glory, considering the fact that he always places high. Currently, his net worth is $14 million.

6. Phil Ivey: Net worth $15 Million

Phil Ivey pokerPhil Ivey might as well be one of the most famous poker players of all time. However, the fame he has isn’t bound solely to good things, but to a major scandal too. What’s impressive about Ivey is his age. At the age of only twenty-three, he became one of the youngest poker players who participate in big tournaments. He has won the Main Event at WSOP and has ten bracelets in total. However, most of them were won in the first decade of the century. In 2012, he was accused of using an edge-sorting in blackjack game.

This embarrassing act cast a shadow over his name and achievements and led to a big scandal in the gambling community. Even though he made a comeback in 2018, he never managed to rise to the previous level of fame and success. And it’s a shame too because Ivey has perhaps one of the best mindsets of all players in our list. His ability to read the opponent like an open book is out-of-this-world. This goes for his bluffing techniques too.

5. Daniel Negreanu: Net worth $16 Million

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel represents a role model for all of the rookie players who aspire to get to the Poker Hall of Fame. He has a confident attitude, excellent composure, and body language, aside from being a good decision-maker. Maybe the reason for his confidence lies in the fact that he, just like Phil Ivey, also started gambling at a very young age. He was so in love with poker career that he dropped out of the college to be where he is now. And it’s a good thing he did because his estimated net worth is currently $16 million.

4. Phil Hellmuth: Net Worth $16 Million

If you are a poker fan, it’s impossible to be oblivious of who Phil Hellmuth is. Without question, this man is one of the most popular players in the whole world. His set of skills are so remarkable that people often compare him to legends in other sports, like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. His achievements are so great that it brought him a $16 million net worth wealth.

3. Sam Trickett: Net Worth $17 Million

Sam TrickettGambling community got to know Sam Trickett’s name back in 2005. Since then, he had several notable achievements. They include a total of eight significant world poker tournaments. They made him one of the most respectable and recognized figures in the poker world. Sam Trickett didn’t plan to make his poker talents a way of life, but after his initial plans to be a football star failed due to the injury, he earned $17 million. We say, there’s always something good in every bad thing that happens in our lives, and Sam here is one of the best examples of that statement.

2. Antonio Esfandiari: Net Worth $23 Million

Antonio Esfandiari is another excellent example of how natural talents make a great poker player. Antonio is currently the second richest poker player in the world. One of his most substantial assets is his bold decision making, which can be crucial at a time while chasing the pot. His mindset gets him through stressful situations as a winner. Aside from that, Esfandiari has a calm demeanor, making him a tough nut to crack while his opponents try to read his cards.

 Erik Seidel

1. Erik Seidel: Net Worth $40 Million

And finally, we reach our man of gold, number one richest poker player. Erik Seidel is one of the most revered and admired professional in the world. Based on the list of his accomplishments, he most certainly deserves all the glory. However, Erik isn’t simply successful for playing poker, he is smart enough to invest the money he has into the stock market, and these actions made him a millionaire.

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