What Happens at Bilzerian’s Stays at Bilzerian’s

Dan Bilzerian

The controversial King of Instagram, as Dan Bilzerian is better known, makes sure everybody knows he is also the king of the most lavish of parties, with only the prettiest beauty queens in attendance. Not everyone can make the cut when the guest list is created, not even when it comes to Hollywood royalty. Many stars from the L.A.’s top party scene are dying to attend, including various actresses, singers, and models.

Begging For an Invite

Basically, if you are not somebody to watch and follow on social media, you cannot attend his small, few-thousand-guest, events made in glass-walled manors with brightly light pools. And if you simply can’t make your follower count go up from 5k, you can always rap about it, right? Bilzerian is famous for his close friendships with the worlds most beloved (or hated) rappers, who are regulars at many of his events around the world.

Bilzerian is known for his controversial behavior, and attitude that really shows everyone that not many things can faze him. One other thing that is quite common at his parties, aside from throwing naked models from the roof, are wild animals walking around among the guests. A few years back, Bilzerian threw a party in his true, jaw-dropping fashion, with a giraffe in attendance; the guests were free to pet it, feed it milk, and even take selfies with it. We can’t imagine how hard it was to acquire a permit for that one, Dan.

A Mirage Before Your Eyes

Dan Bilzerian is also a master in making you believe like you’ve seen everything when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Though the pictures made at his parties are legendary, to say the least, that’s not even half of it.

Namely, there is an unspoken rule that, what happens at Dan’s remains at Dan’s, with guests being advised not to talk about it too much. But with so many Instagram snaps from the party king himself, who needs second-hand testimonies, right?

Excessive Is An Understatement

Bilzerian is known to not be on the best of terms with his neighbors, and we can imagine why. The swanky parties he usually throws last until late afternoons of the following day — hence why his next door acquaintances have troubles going on with their daily (and especially nightly) routines. Though they have called the local police many a time to complain about the noise, not to mention the naked people running around, that did not stop him. But even if he did, the partying would probably just move to a private jet, which is his favorite spot to entertain guests.

Every house Bilzerian spends a night at partying immediately becomes a prime real estate. His former mansions, such as the one in LA, are listed for a sweet $30.000 a month. If you are ready to spend some cash, you too can sleep in one of the many rooms the top models from around the world enjoyed during one of Bilzerian’s legendary parties.

Not Slowing Down

Despite many organizations—such as the ones against animal cruelty and associations promoting gun control—being firmly against this star, he isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

The controversial party maniac still remains quite a mystery, even though he practically shares every detail of his luxurious life with his many social media followers.

Many are wondering where his initial wealth comes from. Though he became known as an expert poker player, the official pages only list one of his winnings, at the WSOP 2009. Today, Dan spends his time at yachts, surrounded by models and wannabes, while simultaneously promoting anything on his growing Instagram page — from watches to, well, other people’s parties. It is said that he makes several thousands of dollars by simply attending top events in Vegas and Cabo. Showing everyone that, in this case, the saying “what goes around, comes around” is not to be taken so lightly. Either way, the 38-year old does not plan to stop anytime soon, keeping his followers entertained, and acting as if they were practically there with him at one of his many parties.

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