Who Runs the Poker Book Sales List?

Who Runs the Poker Book Sales List

In a world where nothing is uncertain, both in life and especially in gambling, we could all use a piece of advice (or two) on how to get by. The world of casino gaming, especially poker, created some of the top-selling book authors. They come not just from the niche of gambling, but also self-help, which is a genre especially hard to master and understand properly. Despite that, some of the names stand out, not only for their poker skills but their writing abilities as well, so keep reading to see who they are.

“POSITIVITY” by Phil Hellmuth

The famous Poker Brat has stirred quite a controversy over the years, showing his fellow players he is a force to be reckoned with. With no less than 15 WSOP bracelets and a multi-million dollar empire beneath his feet, Hellmuth has set out on his next quest by becoming an author. His self-help book called “POSITIVITY” has made fans around the world raving about it. And though the book itself is not a number one, or even a number two, but a #134 on the best-sellers list, there is still a wide audience waiting for a sequel, which Hellmuth claims is underway.

“Moorman: The Inside Story of the Most Successful Online Poker Player of All Time” by Chris Moorman

As ambitious as it sounds, it is also true — Chris Moorman, the beloved UK poker pro is the leader in the online poker playing tournaments, being the only one to have over $10 in earnings solely from his online endeavors. And though he is a runner up at the World Series, that does not take away any of the appeal or skill from his way of playing.

When it comes to his book, it is a perfect combination of an autobiography and a step-by-step guide to mastering playing poker, no matter if you are a beginner or a high roller. The way this book is written, you will practically feel like you were there every step of the way. All the feelings of uncertainty, excitement, joy, and every other emotion the author himself experienced on his way to becoming what he is today, you too will feel while reading his words.

Although it is only #144 on Amazon’s bestseller list, this book sure has a lot of potential of becoming number one!

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“A Girls Guide to Poker” Amanda Botfeld

This book comes as an ultimate guide to becoming a girl poker pro in a man’s world, and though it has only been published recently, it has certainly made a lot of headlines.

When you think of fierce, unapologetic, female poker players who changed the game to the core, you think of Molly Bloom. Keeping that in mind, it is quite hard to establish yourself as a female leader in the world of poker, but Botfeld is definitely on her way to doing so. “The Bridget Jones of the poker world,” as she is commonly referred to, has written a book which combines personal stories with quizzes and guides to mastering the biggest card game on the planet. It is easy to read and quite entertaining, as well as educational, and you are sure to find yourself in one or many of her funny stories!

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