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The famous poker vlogger, and player on the rise, Marle Cordeiro is known for being straightforward, honest to the bone, and even a little dark at times. No matter if you are a fan of her style or not, you must have come across her at least once during your poker playing endeavors. Cordeiro has certainly made headlines over the years for her controversial topics detailed on her vlog channel, such as badgering people on the street and searching for a “Poker boyfriend”. Though her videos made quite some noise within the gambling community, even getting her to the Friday Night Poker, can we actually learn something useful from the young model turned influencer?

Knowing What You Don’t Know

When you’ve spent quite some time in the world of poker, having daily encounters with many different players, you notice that many of them have unreasonable amounts of confidence. And sure, it can help you to a certain extent—feeling more confident about yourself and your in-game performance—but does it take a certain toll as well?

Marle claims she had the pleasure of running into many poker players who were just starting out—yet were full of confidence—which ended up being more of a hindrance than an advantage. She advises lying low rather than placing yourself out there in the open in the beginning. The reason being, you can easily miss out on some clear warning signs telling you to slow down and think your moves through a bit better.

Hence, Marle suggests not getting scared or taken aback by asking even the most basic of questions, rather than losing great amounts of money to maintain a certain image. Because, in the end, it is better to take a toll on your ego than your bankroll, right?

Be Honest With Yourself First

the world of poker

Before committing yourself to the world of poker, you should ask yourself one simple question — is this what I really want? While Marle landed into gambling under unusual circumstances, you don’t have to.

Namely, she has her father to thank for becoming so involved with the game — he moved their entire family to Las Vegas in hopes of becoming a professional poker player. However, despite his many efforts to learn poker rules and participate in poker tournaments, her father failed to realize his dreams of becoming a super high roller and a big name.

Meanwhile, Marle was building a career in modeling, eventually transitioning into acting, then to stand up comedy, only to end up in her father’s shoes — becoming a passionate poker player as well.

But things didn’t go according to plan for her either. At times, she was so broke she could barely pay her rent. This made her friends anxious about her future — hence why they advise her to quit poker altogether and look for something more profitable and stable. And they were probably right to do so, but there was one problem with that story — Marle was so passionate and enthusiastic about poker, she wouldn’t settle for anything else.

And when she realized her heart and her head were both in the game, she practically started winning overnight, making a name for herself and showing everyone that she is not a pushover.

Do Not Get Obsessed

Although Marle leads a satisfying and fulfilled life as a poker player, she teaches one valuable lesson — finding yourself in other things that make you happy. For her, that thing is vlogging. Sharing daily updates about her life and her amazing poker journey, while connecting with others, is an awesome combination. What’s more, these are not just her fans she connects with, but other big names including Joey Ingram, Daniel Negreanu, and even Justin Bonomo — who regularly chimes in to comment on Cordeiro’s quirky posts.

No matter where your career path takes you, you can definitely learn a few things from Marle Cordeiro; and apply them along the way. Essentially, creating a perfect balance between work and pleasure.

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